Burbank Arboretum

Located at 116 Riverneck Road, the Donald Burbank Arboretum is the Land Trust’s first property in East Chelmsford.  The land was a bequest of Donald Burbank, a long-time tree surgeon in the greater Lowell area.  It is home to many wonderful flowering trees.

Following text is directly from the landscaper and needs lots of editing:

•2- Burgundy Heart Redbuds. (Red leaves, purple flowers) 

•1- Eastern Redbud(pinkish flowers)

•1- White Magnolia(white flowers) 

•1- Elizabeth Magnolia (yellow flowers)

•1- Weeping Cherry (pink flowers, bigger of two)

•1- Yoshino Cherry Tree (white flowers, smaller of two) 

•2- Hydrangea (white flowers)

•1- Kwanzan Cherry tree (pink flowers) 

•1- Cherokee Brave Dogwood (pink flowers)

•Mulitple lilac bushes by house and old dog pen(purple flowers) 

•Multiple rhododendron (red and purple flowers)

•1-Thundercloud plum (purple flowers, light purple flowers)

• Fruit bearing pear tree

• peach tree



•2- cherry trees (I think) (back, right of property) 

•1 other type of dogwood next to the Cherokee Brave (forget what kind) 

•crabapple (non-fruit bearing, forget which kind)   

•1-Honeysuckle shrub (what I was told anyway)

•1-Northern Catalpa Tree 

•lots of lillys

•lots of daffodils

• Hosta 

•bee balm flowers

•**The Blandings turtle is the endangered one that I have seen there (both babies and adults) also have seen Spotted turtles moving through as well (adults only) **

Visit Burbank Arboretum to enjoy flowering trees in the spring

  • Beautiful Flowers
  • Dog Friendly
  • Easy walking
  • Off-street Parking