Bartlett Park Wall Repair

Starting in December 2021, the stone retaining wall in Bartlett Park along Acton Road is being repaired.  The original wall had reached the end of its life and was starting to collapse in places.  The stones are being saved and will be reused for building the new wall.

The new design will feature hidden drainage and mortar but will look like the original.  The “stairs to nowhere” are going to be removed to encourage pedestrian traffic to use the marked crosswalks.

This work is all funded by the CLCT via donations and memberships.  If you’d like to help support the upkeep of our properties, make a donation or become a member!

See below for some a photo gallery of the project including “before” shots showing why the old wall needed to be replaced as well as the engineering design document for the new wall.  

In Progress


Header photo by Bob Schneider.  Used with Permission.