Bartlett Woodlot

Across Acton Road from Bartlett Park, Bartlett Woodlot is one of the most frequented Trust properties. Consisting of hilly woodland and wooded swamp, this park is bounded by the Bruce Freeman Bike Path and the perennial Beaver Brook on its north side, and several large private residential properties on the south, west, and east.

This property, along with Bartlett Park, the large forested portions of the surrounding properties, and a string of undeveloped properties along both the bike path and Beaver Brook, serve as sections of a large corridor of wildlife habitat that forms a ring around much of southern Chelmsford. the ring’s value as a true wildlife corridor is diminished when it is interrupted by roads, but this woodlot nonetheless serves a valuable habitat area for many animal species and connects to the wider wildlife corridor.

Visit Bartlett Woodlot to enjoy waterfall views close to the center of town.

  • Great Views
  • Dog Friendly
  • Walking Trails
  • On-street Parking