Burbank Gardens

Opening Fall 2024

Located at 116 Riverneck Road, the Donald Burbank Gardens is the Land Trust’s first property in East Chelmsford.  The land was a bequest of Donald Burbank, a long-time tree surgeon in the greater Lowell area.  It is home to many wonderful flowering trees.

Mr. Burbank took great pride in his trees and gardens.  To honor his memory, the Land Trust is going to maintain his plants as well as add additional native and pollinator friendly species.  There’s a lot of landscaping and planting in our future!  To protect the new plantings and stay out of the way of the ongoing work, we ask people to please enjoy the sights from the road until we formally open the gardens in the fall.

Here is a current inventory of the flowing plants on the site today:

  • Burgundy Heart Redbuds. (Red leaves, purple flowers)
  • Eastern Redbud(pinkish flowers)
  • White Magnolia(white flowers)
  • Elizabeth Magnolia (yellow flowers)
  • Weeping Cherry (pink flowers, bigger of two)
  • Yoshino Cherry Tree (white flowers, smaller of two)
  • Hydrangea (white flowers)
  • Kwanzan Cherry tree (pink flowers)
  • Cherokee Brave Dogwood (pink flowers)
  • Mulitple lilac bushes (purple flowers)
  • Multiple rhododendron (red and purple flowers)
  • Thundercloud plum (purple flowers, light purple flowers)
  • Fruit bearing pear tree
  • peach tree
  • Azaleas
  • PJM Rhododendrons
  • cherry trees (back, right of property)
  • dogwood next to the Cherokee Brave
  • crabapple (non-fruit bearing)
  • Honeysuckle shrub
  • Northern Catalpa Tree
  • lots of lilies
  • lots of daffodils
  • Hosta
  • bee balm flowers

Visit Burbank Arboretum to enjoy flowering trees in the spring

  • Beautiful Flowers
  • Dog Friendly
  • Easy walking
  • Off-street Parking