Warren Wildlife Sanctuary

Approximately three miles south of downtown, in the midst of high-density suburban development, this sanctuary is mostly wetland, much of which is part of Russell Mill Pond. Russell Mill Pond is formed by a dam on River Meadow Brook approximately one quarter mile north of the property boundary. On its south west side, the sanctuary abuts forty-five acres of Conservation Commission land known as the Thanksgiving Forest. On its north side, the pond continues beyond the property boundary as part of the 132 acre Russell Mill Pond and Forest property, also held and managed by the Conservation Commission. Immediately to the south of the sanctuary, in the town of Carlisle, is the thousand acre Great Brook Farm State Park and Carlisle State Forest. The sanctuary is linked to the state park by River Meadow Brook and serves to connect the large corridor of open space in Chelmsford with this substantial protected space.

Visit Warren Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy…

  • Great Views
  • Wildlife
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing

Shared parking is available at Thanksgiving Forest.