Who Are We?

Our Mission

The Chelmsford Land Trust Conservation Trust’s primary mission is to preserve open space. We are also an advocate for land conservation “in our back yard,” and will work to encourage interest in Chelmford’s natural history and heritage. 

The landscape of Chelmsford has changed dramatically in recent decades and the once abundant open spaces have largely disappeared. Today, development pressures remain high, and precious remaining open lands are threatened as never before. Land use decisions in the next several years will determine whether Chelmsford’s remaining open spaces are lost forever or whether our rural heritage will be preserved for our children and future generations. 

Open spaces serve multiple purposes in our town. These woods, meadows, and wetlands preserve an element of Chelmsford’s rural and agricultural heritage, provide peaceful places, serve as wildlife habitat, help to ensure our drinking water quality, help to preserve local agriculture, and provide opportunities for outdoor education and recreation.

Our efforts are strengthened by your membership and involvement.

Recent Activities

  • 2021 Eyes on Owls at Bartlett Park
  • 2019 CLCT Scarecrow Festival
  • 2019 Day Before Thanksgiving Walk 
  • 2019 Amazing Decorated Winter Tree Scavenger Hunt
  • Leading birding walks and nature walks
  • Organizing trail and property maintenance efforts, including Eagle Scout projects
  • Providing bluebird nesting boxes (bluebirds are back!)
  • Participating in the annual town-wide cleanup
  • Holding an annual meeting on the 3rd Wednesday in May with featured speakers
  • Conducting a mapping project with elementary students

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The Chelmsford Land Conservation Trust welcomes the public onto our properties.  In order to ensure the conservation of the properties for future generations please respect the posted rules at each site.  Properties may be used for passive recreation only.  Group activities for 12 or more people, as well as any commercial activity, must have pre-approval from the board of directors.  Requests may be submitted via our website’s contact page.