Kroll, Calder, Larter Pasture

Located on Proctor Road in a residential area approximately two miles southwest of downtown, this property has several acres of mowed field and dense, swampy woods. The wooded north side of the property borders approximately twenty-five acres of forested Chapter 61 land that has limited development potential.

The two properties are isolated from other open spaces and potential wildlife corridors by surrounding mid-density residential developments. The south end of the Kroll, Calder, Larter Pasture, however, is less than one quarter mile from the north boundary of the 180 acre Cranberry Bog, owned by the Conservation Commission. The Cranberry Bog is connected to the wildlife corridor that encircles much of south Chelmsford and connects to the large open spaces in north Carlisle.

Visit Kroll, Calder, Larter Pasture to enjoy …

  • Picnic Area
  • Dog-friendly
  • Walking Trails